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Issue Nine



Ghost Tallow

I had just come from the red-handed cemetery
Almost sleepless
You said night observes us
There is so much out of reach between us
Outside our perception
We're surrounded by unknown forces
In invisible habiliments
Which penetrate my ability to breathe
And grab eyes
From the palpable vista
While our desire inoculates against death
Have you seen them too
In this way
Isolated in solidarity with shadows
Our direction turns from us
Far away from us
With bilingual volumes of love poems in hand
And absorbed by tallow
How many times
Have I died on the merry-go-round
At the edge of town
In quivering purple suns

Wade German lives in British Columbia, Canada. He is the author of the poetry collections Dreams from a Black Nebula (Hippocampus Press, 2014), The Ladies of the Everlasting Lichen and Other Relics (Mount Abraxas Press, 2019), and the verse drama Children of Hypnos (Raphus Press, 2020).

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