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About Us

SurVision is an international biannual online poetry magazine established in Ireland in March 2017 as a platform for new Irish and international Surrealist and Irrealist poetry in English. Our editors' tastes are eclectic, and we aim to publish the best, most exciting innovative poetry of different trends and schools being written now.

SurVision is always interested in work by unpublished writers, as well as celebrated ones. We don't employ external readers; each submission will be read personally by our editors Tony Kitt and Anatoly Kudryavitsky. The editors aim to keep the waiting time short, not exceeding two months, but this can vary, so please bear with us!

Please see our Submission Guidelines page for full information.

   Night by Emilia Georgieva
"Night" by Emilia Georgieva (Bulgaria)

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We are currently accepting donations (the button is located below this paragraph.) We don't receive any funding from any arts organisation, so all donation would be greatly appreciated.

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