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Issue Nine



The Circus Is Coming

Two shots of novocaine
to the calf

ham steak
when the clouds roll in

Vietnamese curry
fried chicken
and endoscopy

a dozen gramophones
that all play
the voices of the dead


Tunnel by feel progresses
walkway narrow but discernible.
Free will, the walk, in the sense
that one can stop, stare, become
food for cats, echidna. Capsules
for sustenance, stimulants.
Music always in the background.
Often polka. A rumor of light
filters from the front every so often
but never materializes.

Robert Beveridge writes poetry in Akron, just outside Cleveland, Ohio. Recent and upcoming appearances in Pink Litter, The Ignatian, Page and Spine, The Pointed Circle, and YuGen, among others.

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