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Issue Nine



because we read the poems of Rumi

on a blanket near the river
we entered
an imaginary cave
where we built

a driftwood fire
and as the fire grew
the walls around us
began to breathe

snake charmer

every time I say her name
    a snake pours out
    of my mouth –

and because of my
    I am one
    of the luckiest men alive

M. Zeferino Spring of Southwest Oregon, is the author of four poetry books and one children's book. In 2016, he won a Luso-American Fellowship from DISQUIET International. His poetry books have won several awards, including The Turtle Island Poetry Award, and an honorable mention for the Eric Hoffer Book Award. His poems have appeared in Atlanta Review, Crannog, Flyway, Midwest Quarterly, Poetry New Zealand, and Spillway.  He is a poetry editor for The Pedestal Magazine and Flowstone Press. 

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