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Issue Nine



Home, is it?

She is a city divided by water, modern southeast her graffiti
dubbed high art for the streets. Hipster /only once you ignore stomach twinges./
Walking head lowered, dragging right leg,
we highlight your face.
True north, echos old, scale on a grand level.
Peel back the plaster, see the mosaics.
She can't do it for herself. Life beginning
in the beginning, now and forever and the bad go un-sanction.

Are we there?

Below us the blue city,
It's almost like creating life
moulding you in fibreglass.
In the desert kingdom warhorses are sewed together
longing to destroy the empire before belonging to it.
Hollow cavities of the desired shape, hyphenated-identities.
Please install the sculptors behind their desks, work on them in transit, if needed.
Piece by piece, oh the finery of square heads and electronic hands.
A warm glow / A warmer globe repeats when the temperature rises then stop! Until...
Garret minds inspecting underground quakes of angel bridges and ghosts cast in cement.
Go ask them why, living artist.

Michelle King is living in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, and working as a primary school teacher. Her work appears in Streetcake, M58, 3AM Magazine, Strukturriss, and Mercurius, amongst others. She is the editor of Beir Bua Journal and Press.

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