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Issue Nine



Peter Lorre Bird

The parakeet
that reminds us of Peter Lorre
reaches from its aviary,
but I don't let its talon
take my finger for a handshake,
or a friendly tug;
it is needy
like a beaten dog,
a small hunk of life
grown so skilful in coercing
we balk and instead
I proffer my water bottle.

It bends to the fencing
and, in order to reach further out,
turns its head
so it is looking away,
which seems like
sickened but bankrupt compliance.

It takes the cap in its grip
and gently, blindly unscrews.

Graham Clifford was born in Portsmouth, grew up in Wiltshire and lives in London. His poems appear in the Rialto and Magma. His chapbook, Welcome Back to the Country, and full collection, The Hitting Game, are published by Seren. His other chapbook, Computer Generated Crash Test Dummies, is published by The Black Light Engine Room, and his collection, Well, is published by Against The Grain. In Charge of the Gun, his most recent collection, is published by The Black Light Engine Room.

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