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Issue Nine



Northern New Jersey Town

Ghosts live in this town that sits
cross-legged by the border of two states.

One ghost bought a pothole
at the corner of a dead-end road.
He's a drummer who plays with the wind.

Another ghost is an engraved word
& sits upon his tomb overlooking a pond
where a pair of swans mates.

Another, a sky wanderer, is a rain
cloud shaped like corn flour
milled from an uprooted oak.

One ghost lost his feet
while sleeping. The hungover dawn
didn't wake him.

After the ghost of Blue Man Rock
didn't catch a falling heron,
its bones spun the moon.
These ghosts climb cliffs
sharp like tongues
grinding their stories with iron claws.
They also like to hang
upside down over mown lawns
seeded with elephants and flags.

One ghost's favorite ghost
is his shadow & it follows him home
like the squirrels he eats.

Edytta Wojnar was born and raised in Poland, and now lives with her husband in northern New Jersey. She holds an MFA in Poetry from William Paterson University where she currently teaches College Writing. She is the author of two chapbooks: Stories Her Hands Tell (2013) and Here and There (2014), both published by Finishing Line Press. Her works appear in The American Journal of Poetry, Cagibi, CALYX, Lumina, Narrative Northeast, Shot Glass Journal, and Paterson Literary Review, among others.

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