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Issue Nine



How Far I've Come

From the musky blood of the wind
from the bitterness of the sea
from the smoky silver liquid
of the moon behind the clouds

Nearly the distance from death to life

Is it asking too much just to breathe?

I hear the stars ring all the time
I wish I could turn them off
Now is too late
Never is too soon

Angel with Scimitar

An angel held a scimitar to my throat
– it wasn't Azrael – Azrael is not playful –
and said Breathe and I will kill you yesterday.

The scimitar was so sharp I couldn't feel it taste me;
I just felt blood run down my chest.

What choice did I have but to draw a deep breath?

There is more than one way to wrestle an angel.

Brian Jerrold Koester lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, and has been a freelance cellist. His work has appeared in Agni, Streetlight Magazine, Delmarva Review, Right Hand Pointing, Louisiana Literature, etc.
His collection is titled What Keeps Me Awake (Silver Bow Publishing, 2018), and his chapbook is called Bossa Nova (River Glass Books).

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