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Issue Eight



A line from Méret Oppenheim

I've been on this boat many times.
I've learned some marinas are nicer
than others. This one is a two-story
church trimmed in brown fur, an

event space of exposed beams, pen-
dant lights, terrazzo flooring, &
cathedral ceilings. It has a Masonic
Lodge on the second floor & a post

office next door. On the other side
stands a rat holding a slice of pizza. I
love these furry creatures that bring
the inside out to make reality of ideas.

Not all features are supported

My Snapchat isn't working.
Corn husks & potato skins
have caused it to jam by
creating a starchy paste similar
to type 1 diabetes. I need help.
Motion sensors undermine the

metabolism of my underwear.
I ring up NASA who send me
a counter-intuitive brief titled
Generating Smooth Motions For
Robotic Manipulators & Other
. Now my teeth

start hurting. Snapchat still
isn't working. I log out of my
account & log back in as The
Book of Mormon
tells me to
do. It resyncs my local snaps,
but with someone else's server.

Mark Young is from Australia. His most recent books are a collection of visual pieces, The Comedians, from Stale Objects de Press; turning to drones, from Concrete Mist Press; and turpentine from Luna Bisonte Prods.

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