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Issue Eight



Collage Scent

Who is hiding the past well
and who is not?
A woman is ranking her children;
she does not answer.
A hint? An epilogue?
Has a taste been overheard?

Objects roll through
the half-light.
Is this the undertow,
or is it the vernal equinox itself?
The breach is empty again
and someone says
this is what
the past will look like.

There is talk
of identity dramas
and recognition plots –
but no one looks
in the judgement mirror.
After all,
when everything is found,
what can be concealed?
Maybe the smart money,
maybe a family fracture,
but never anything else.

One-Way Labyrinth

The thin lips swear themselves
off cushy numbers.
From an earthquake
they pluck cables
like long hairs
and pleat them
to embarrass the newborns.

It is all here –
the solid spray of streetlamps,
the naked duty of machines,
the turntable elevator,
the floating door –
all the genuflection machinery
required for flowery submission
and plastic insinuation.

The proverbial silent scream
behind each neon sign
is the colour of Monday,
it is the bitter sugar
of a rare wind event,
it is love
leaving town.

Tim Murphy is originally from Cork in Ireland, and now lives in Madrid. He is the author of two poetry chapbooks: Art Is the Answer (Yavanika Press, 2019) and The Cacti Do Not Move (SurVision Books, 2019).

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