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Issue Eight



Winter Solstice During Covid-19

Cursive of ruin, some lightbulbs, the
Spirits in the form of huge planets.

They are lining up, and a new cycle starts.
Flash of distance in those pine needles,

Signal of fog through the snow, do you
Understand? It was only a little cry

From the marsh, the memory of a phrase
That I pushed and paused and ultimately

Sent away. That which is contained in us,
The bowing of the trees, this lightness.

Love in the Time of Covid

Where is home? I can delude
Myself into thinking I have to still find it,
The things that shine in the far distance.
In much the same way, the grammar

OF copper winds itself around my wrist,
A metaphor in this fantastic town.
Where will the sky be revealed? How
Those planets look so close tonight. The

Uses of elegy, oh take care of each other
On this soul's earth! Splendor in the
Loose world, the bright jackets we wear
To save us from "rearrangement." I am

Placing this bird on the hourglass of indifference,
Where is home? Rising from the waters, our ongoingness.


That's the soul, stripped of its
Vigor. The vague smudge of a
Shining interior, the life of one
So plastered to the asphalt. I

Never knew the transit of anything
Heaped upon a small flame. I never
Bothered to leave myself, layer upon
Layer when my ears wandered to a

Different voice. I have made a study
Of my life, and it has shown me that
The apprehension and rattling of
That stream is filled with flowers. It

Has shown me that yes, I will die with
The cells of all I used to bludgeon,
But there is also light in those high
Places, there is something else to bring back.

Noelle Kocot is from Brooklyn, New York, and currently resides in New Jersey.
She is has published eight collections of poetry, including God's Green Earth
(Wave Books, 2020), Phantom Pains of Madness (Wave Books, 2016), Soul in Space (Wave Books, 2013),
The Bigger World
(Wave Books, 2011), and a book of translations from the poems by Tristan Corbière, Poet by Default (Wave Books, 2011).  T
he current Poet Laureate of Pemberton Borough, New Jersey, she is the recipient of awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Academy of American Poets, The Fund for Poetry and the American Poetry Review.

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