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Issue Eight



the king of the oyster star

the leo lemon
a yellow wall for you

action is a new apple
this area code is in shambles

I ordered another head from central supply
the completion of the nine trials

that hurts the salmonella variant
the complete head of the shark

and now, earth will demonstrate
visualize the center of the tomorrow bug

eat the head like a pie pocket
a frozen thought to name the wow

a fifty-fifty grin

speak to the king
your highness, you new newt

to suit citizens like western ants
a little world of the slow earth

to stand with that machine
wetter than a buffalo

the joining house of the language in that trap set by beetles
yes, the model of pain in the treehouse was a period of the noodling

food-fighting genes
alone I walked thru the same old wall as everyone else

down at the goat show there will be dancing
& science fiction pop-tarts

J. D. Nelson lives in Colorado, USA. His poems appear in BlazeVOX, Ink Pantry, X-Peri, Synchronized Chaos, Modern Literature, Otoliths, M58, etc. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Cinderella City (The Red Ceilings Press, 2012).

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