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Issue Eight



Poem from an Imaginary Novel

Entering the front door,
I find a void.
Lights, dim-yellow
in the greenhouse.
The glass roof soars
above me
The verdant room
creeping with warmth
and the gold orb reflecting from a one-eyed cat
suspended from the roof.
The cat clambers down the vine
to pad before me.
Green tendrils and spikes crush near,
suffocate me,
through the opposite door,
one human female
descends the stairs.
She is grey and tall
in her epic sweep
as she wanders about
my periphery
her eyes and face a command
her voice a beam
floating with condescension.
My response is a huff.
So, she is not
the person I came to see.
Where, then, is the one?
What a strange mystery, here there is only I,
I and the vine-woman. I have a feeling something
must be discussed.

Heather Sager lives in Illinois, USA. Her recent poetry appears, or is forthcoming, in Words & Whispers, Sein und Werden, Amethyst Review, dreams walking, Visitant, Door Is A Jar, Harbinger Asylum, The Wild Word, Backchannels, Sandpiper, Bluepepper, Writing in a Woman's Voice, Ariel Chart, etc.  

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