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Issue Eight



Brine or Vision, You Decide

Barefoot Birth of a Nation navigated her shopping cart
down a dripping alley filled with chimney swifts and angles.
Rain reasoned a change of season.

An opportunity of a lifetime bashed on the rocks
and covered with lime, too little to count, too close
to a coffin. She checked her snare. All was well.
But weather had rusted both locks.

They said heaven was paved with cigarette butts
questioned the logic of a mirror, the scale of silence.

We helped her up, led her to the disaster she called home
waited a few moments for the clock to rock
picked up a shadow and gave up the ghost.

Tears in the Fabric

Where crows forge their feathers
sky froze into mother-of-pearl.

Their sacraments buried in the cache
a potlatch that danced in the eyes of sorrow.

But suddenly it was all over
in the ticking of a broken heart
too torn to shroud.

David Gross is from southern Illinois. He has published poems in Big Muddy, Common Ground Review, Hummingbird, Modern Haiku, Otata, Peculiar Mormyrid, and The Cape Rock. His most recent collection is Little Egypt (Wyld Rose Press, 2017).

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