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Issue Eight




And the goldfish without that yellow look
turns into a big red heart
that pulsates, convulses and bursts on its own
cries are invisible under water

Without the embroideries and the flowers
drawn by the fingernail that scrapes its sky
without the eddies that – without warning –
turn it into a ballet flame

a wheel – a safe one – a discovery without a bottom
the tight void in which it rotates – on its own –
always the same and always with no direction
the useless red lacking the black background


Dry-handed, they mingle in the wind
like hasty fingers in somebody's drawer;
their almost weightless leaves, still green...
who knows which one of them
will deliver a precious message.

The foliage stirs to drive away a recurrent thought.
Moved by one leaf, entangled in the illuminated curls
of another, it finally
finds its way onto my hair while I
greet it by the window, abstracted.

Always the same trees,
always a new wonder.


I am the shadow of a cloud
gliding over the emerald sea,
a moist wound carved into the ground,
the arid island that won't be fertilised by salt,
the one that only believes in the horizon
lost in the thick of the pensive fog
and, at night, in blackness, into which it sinks.

I am running away from opaque brushstrokes.
I'm the prevision of all things getting corrupted,
turning into something else or no longer bearing a name.
I'm an exhausted definition.
You won't recognise me, but I do exist:
I am the obscure shape that makes the navigator
change his course.

Translated from Italian by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Anna Belozorovitch was born in Moscow and has lived in Portugal and in Italy, where she settled in 2004. She holds a PhD in Intercultural Studies from the University of Rome. In Italy, she published five poetry collections titled An Anima Child, Youth, Something In Store for Me, the latest being The Debt (Lieto Colle, 2017) and The Red Fish (Il seme bianco, 2017). She also published the novel in verse titled The Man at the Window and the novel titled 24 Snapshots (2015). A collection of her poems written in Portuguese, Como seria bom ser chuva, came out in Portugal in 2012. She edited and translated a book of poems by Kazimir Malevich that was published in 2015.

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