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Issue Eight



Camera Obscura

Bereft, Prince Leo Nikolayevich
Myshkin, last and poorest of a line
of blue-eyed optimists, sits on a bench
alone and waits for a blonde woman in boots
to appear in the shadows of his autumn wish,
to only say the word and you'll be mine.
He gives his bottle a rub. No genie. No wench.
No chorus of derision. The screeches and the hoots
ring out as accolades from teen coquettes
playing in the park. Their pleas for cigarettes
make him laugh out loud as he retreats
from riding the roundabout of jeune fillettes,
bumps into a secret door in the walled rotunda
and falls, never to emerge from the camera obscura.

Andrew Leggett is an Australian author. His two poetry collections, Old Time Religion and Other Poems (1998) and Dark Husk of Beauty (2006), were published by Interactive Press.

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