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Issue Eight



Three Untitled Poems


a billable body can almost afford
the luxury of death

but you refuse to give up your splendour

grandstanding in the shadows
of a combusting remnant

until the inconceivable is burned out

everyone is drawn to the crater of absence

full of you

huddled into a root


the testimony of the fourth person
an ileal knot of guilt

who boarded
barges loaded with sin

row brothers higher faster
i'll spur you
on with the raw current
and the throaty bait
and the crackling bush


the threads of desire
feel nice
after a battle

the engulfing fire
senses spoils

the hand
of hasty justice
reels up

the sky
has drawn closer

the sacrifice
and he cut
my prison term short

Translated from the Russian by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler

Alex Averbuch is a native of Novoaidar, Luhansk region, Ukraine (b. 1985), a bilingual
(Ukrainian/Russian) poet, translator, and literary scholar. His poetry, both original and translated, has been published in various literary journals and anthologies. He is the author of two collections of poetry.

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