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Issue Seven



The Phrase Factory

There's something forbidden about our class
the way we trudge this murk in silence.
Cobblestones cluster under a halogen glare, raise
their heads to greet us.  On Wolfe Tone bridge
we listen to the roar of vowel-shaped crests,
take solace from the grammar of this night.
The formation of a sphere, structure of the stars
the rule this crisp breeze now follows.
      Up darkened stairs we tread on rhetoric past
to gather under skylights, breathe life
into new words we raise them up,
acknowledge their ephemeral fame.
Leave to hang there
and mingle in the yesterday of ideas
until the final lights are dimmed.

Vincent Glynn-Steed is from Galway, Ireland. His poems appear in Galway Review, Crannog, Ofi Press Magazine, Boyne Berries, Parhelion, Mediterranean Poetry, Bangor Journal, Cinnamon Press Anthology, etc.

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