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Issue Seven



Sunflower Apocalypse

I let my skull turn
into a reinforced concrete sunflower

one day when I had had more
than enough of all this shit.

This sunflower, my skull, my head,
is now all that is real to me.

Not subject to the mystical whimsy
of Blake's, or the defiant material

decay of Ginsberg's, this sunflower
is eternal, solid,

It leaves no room

for soft brains that ooze and die,
or the terrifying thoughts

that kill them. This sunflower
is safe. This sunflower

shows no feeling, and does not leave me
open to attacks

from nature, strangers, friends,
or God.

R.S. Mengert
lives in Tempe, Arizona, and teaches Creative Writing at Scottsdale Community College. He completed an MFA in poetry at Syracuse University. His work appears in such magazines as Zymbol, Maintenant, Poetry is Dead, ABZ, Four Chambers, The Café Review, Fjords, San Pedro River Review, and Enizagam.

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