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Issue Seven



[grand cabinet of inquisition]

electromagnetic fields and
a kind of ghost rattling
plastic rings and beads—
poorly worded questions
make of suspense
a salty amuse bouche

listen only to textured voices
they mutter old manuscripts

stealing the names of birds
does not enable you to fly

medical oddities and
creatures from mythology—
someone has raided
the old reliquary

where have the sacred
fragments been taken?

[pregnant forgeries]

boundaries are transgressed
as fine rain
alters the atmosphere

the counterfeits
have been accumulating
and in this changed air
they are easy to spot

predictable sounds
shall now be nameless
then an embarrassment
of nomenclature

everything amounts to
sifting through debris

a shard of broken mirror
will turn up
radioactive refugees
left out in the rain

repeated phrases change meaning
this is their raison d'être

Patrick Hurley lives in Saint Louis, Missouri (US). Adelaide Books has published his poetry collection entitled walking (2020).

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