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Issue Seven



A Suburban Seer's Morning Dream

Her morning dreams sprouted flowers with names
inscribed on each petal. They bloom. No fruit
emerges, but people die. Their small games
end sharply. A hasty burglar slips. Loot
expands across marble floors. A new lake
is born. All this unfolds behind her eyes.
She can't stop it. She won't. She bears no blame—
no more than a lark for song, tree for roots.
She turns over, sun drowning her. Windows
are her twins. Flowers wave and petals drop off.
You knew that was coming. She sadly knows
you would see her in your own dreams, dozing
on dusty sheets. But truth blooms in her eyes.
You can't see. She sleeps, breathes. She dreams a rose.


The rain gleams and is gone.

I can make nothing of the lion
but a small shape scraped in bone.

The plague arrives
knocking on my forehead.
The door yawns.

Mark J. Mitchell
was born in Chicago and grew up in southern California. His latest poetry collection, Starting from Tu Fu, was published by Encircle Publications in 2019.

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