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Issue Seven



Of the Oak

Acorns never sleep.
It is against their religion.

They run stop signs,
blanch at bicycle husks.

They eat every day
when leaves part.

Acorns bust moves like battlefields,
pock-marks and everything.

They strut like glasses
seeing for the first time.

Acorns wander gardens,
in search for the smell.

Yes, acorns have time with ducks,
they are next to pine cones.

Those lucky pine cones.

Acorns, they ache,
love dogs.
And watch balloons south.
And ask rain gauges.
Is that good a sample?
And they note the neighborhood light schedule.

How nice it would be
to sit and nothing.

Maybe a dusting here,
a caress there.

Mud: Opposite of Dirty

There's no filth
in water.

It is cool,
settle in.

By the time the sky
has rewritten this hymn

stars will shower
over your laughter

Matthew Schmidt
currently resides in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His poems have been published, or are forthcoming, in Hobart, Pleiades, The Seattle Review, Territory, etc. He is an associate poetry editor at Fairy Tale Review.

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