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Issue Seven



A Differing Odyssey

He was Everyman but in the car,
he became individual with every mile,
and I becoming peeved with his intrusion.

He spoke easily, not saying anything,
not having anything to say.
He went, leaving an invitation I didn't want.

Thoughts of extinction swirled in car,
he must have left or dumped them,
out of carelessness or spite.

In the lift, another said, "going up",
adding "at least not crossing over, yet".
He meant becoming soil and softer syllables.

A hospital, you guessed, didn't you.
Visiting only, ghosting through those theses,
that waited for other hosts.

Kevin Griffin
is a retired teacher from Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland. He has had poems published in a number of magazines, inckuding The SHOp, Crannog, The Salzburg Review,
Stony Thursday, Revival, Orbis, Pennine Ink
. His first collection, Holding Salamanders, was published by New Binary Press in December 2019.

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