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Issue Seven



134 Deansway

We moved into a house that sang,
each room a smile like it needed us there.

So we imprinted ourselves in tall colours,
deep carpets, pinned our dreams in between.

And for a while it worked,
the safety and comfort, until I wanted more.

But how could I tell you
I longed for the sun in all its wide blue?

That what you told me each day
I no longer felt, wished it would lessen for you?

And as time marched on, the wallpaper changed,
it grew thick and dark, crept closer.

When I looked, I found
all the words I must say, a new pattern,

that would soon reach the door.

J. V. Birch
lives in Adelaide, Australia. Her poems appear in a number of Australian, British, Canadian, and American periodicals. She has published a full-length collection, more than here, with Ginninderra Press, as well as three chapbooks: Smashed glass at midnight, What the water & moon gave me, and A bellyful of roses.

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