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Issue Seven



A Crooked Well

There was a crooked well
that I was always trying
to draw water from.
I was ruined then
and had a craving
to get lost in the deep
of the sunshine
that the desert had to offer.
I wanted to get to the bottom
of that well.
You never know
what sort of knick knacks
that you'll find in the dark.
I'm sure that all of the pharaohs
of Egypt are there,
as well as the Spanish dancer
that I saw, years ago,
in the print on Maybelle's wall
in her place back in Brooklyn.
These days are long,
I kick around a lot of dirt
and get to the bottom of nothing.


In the bed
the bones
made love
to the blood.
It was
a beautiful sight.
I had paid
to see it, firsthand,
with a silver
bullet that
was meant
for more
My skull
in its spot
on the mantelpiece.

John Greiner is a writer and visual artist living in Queens, NY. He was educated at the New School for Social Research. Greiner's work has appeared in Antiphon, Sand Journal, Empty Mirror, Sensitive Skin, Unarmed, Street Value, Horla, etc. His books of poetry include Turnstile Burlesque (Crisis Chronicles Press) and Bodega Roses (Good Cop/Bad Cop Press).


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