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Issue Seven



High Hopes

Astronomers of poetry are very cheerful.
The day is radiant, the square drowns in sunshine.
They look out, they eyeball the veranda.
Music and love. A woman, too beautiful,
with velvet eyes to die for (I would).
An artist has painted a huge red chimney;
a poet worships it as some kind of deity.
I observed the spring night, I observed the corpses.
The river dragged along the tombstones that no longer exist.
Who still wants to live? Promises grow alluring.

We waved many flags at railway stations
as long as the clocks didn't stop.
A minister's arrival is expected.
He is intelligent, and has a sweet smile;
he understands everything; his nights
are lit by a fuming lamp and,
while the stone warrior sleeps
in the centre of the dark square,
he pens sad and ardent love letters.

Translated from the Italian by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Giorgio de Chirico (1888–1978) was a much-admired Italian artist and writer who worked in metaphysical and surrealist style. Speranze (from "Manoscritti Eluard", 1911–1915) is his best-known poem newly translated for this issue of SurVision.

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