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Issue Seven




I become aware of having been operated on. I've been having the same dream for years: different staircases, spiral or helical. Headaches from a draft of air or from having hair cut; from the heat of the sun, except my hair rises, and having played a few chords on the piano, I resume my seat; having returned the bones to the skin, I add heavy-duty nylon handles. I benefit from having a relatively well-regarded public-school Herden-Moral. The floreter in its open position having de-curded the cauliflower head, the florets are placed in the chrome-plated chamber. This having been done, the roller B is to be revolved so as to stretch having a vertical movement with respect to the table. A Bluetooth-enabled terminal having a radio manager spins irregular webs having a cylindrical cell in one corner. Having held my son, Isay, my various handhelds having a thousand heads are seen to be accurate. Having buried my grand-mother, I run swift for the open, and having gone there I become curious. Having written off my son's residence-registration to the local deity, I put the lantern and boy on the ground. Having drawn up the contents of the nurse cells the adhesives are heavily laden with yolk. A bird out of lay having a drawn-up, empty abdomen allows hours of shooting without having to reset the target, and enables users to add a flashlight without having to purchase another holster until, having searched out its completion, it scores the fissure. Having suffered harsh treatment, evil spirits descend on me. The royal secretary is having her questioned on the Hittite inscriptions. Time divides into years, each having four seasons and twelve moons, having, at an evening assembly, described, among other things, to the astonishment of all present, a host-pathogen model and the extract from the above paper having been published in the Herald on the morning on which I left London, I received reinforcement one step after having traversed the target route which arose from having to dismantle the boxing around an in-built vacuum system in the downstairs linen cupboard. Several factors, such as having a multiplicity of links with other web pages, result in the web page having a high PageRank. This type of comment can usually be interpreted as having complimentary force. Having adapted the building of the temple for habitation, my comrades made frequent excursions into the mountains or the valley.


Giles Goodland was born in Taunton, England, educated at the universities of Wales and California, and later took a D. Phil at Oxford. He has published several books of poetry including A Spy in the House of Years (Leviathan, 2001), Capital (Salt, 2006), What the Things Sang (Shearsman, 2009), Dumb Messengers (Salt, 2012), and The Masses (Shearsman, 2018).

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