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Issue Seven



Creation Myth

You are a one-man calamari-liner, as outlandish
as a carnival clown. But you have been
summoned here. You must succeed.

From the gate, the gates are shut
tight, an acute peak that can spark
celebrations, or could provoke a
rebellion. You cannot know which way
it will fall, or if you will survive.

Beneath the waxed sheen, over all
the pulsating, boiling ocean,
the goddess earth. Over all,
breathing. Over
the melting flow, the cold deep
within. In the wind.
In the waves.

At the wave's maw. In the rising
voice of the goddess. In the leaves,
in the dark. As the falling leaf
of the moon. As the messenger.

If ever a hunter feared for his life,
this is the moment. Here. She knows
there is no return from the warm
waters of the tempter sea.

Every bone of his will bear the sealmark
of my might, and I will send him
to his doom before I call
a truce.

Clarice Hare
is from Florida. Her poetry has been recently published, or is forthcoming, in Amethyst Review, Aromatica Poetica, detritus, Fleas on the Dog, and Writing in a Woman's Voice.

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