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Issue Six



*  *  *

"What a nice line," says the brain to the heart,
and then a chorus of angels, all chained,
responds in unison: "It's lightness!"
The horizon is the revolt of the body
trembling under a fictitious weight,
a retired soldier at the border;
so many letters end up
in the air and in the fire.
Perhaps the sea is the salvation,
a dialogue of shores,
a mother and a father split from their son;
the sea is a lectern for waves and notes,
a fatal blue vein leading to the ear, and in the voice,
a hermetically sealed shell at the bottom of a dream.

*  *  *

Cut the thread like a breath
at a higher altitude
suddenly change the nature
by summoning an unknown music
to feel more intensely the ritual
of entering and exiting life

*  *  *

My life is split by the doubt
of pleasure invested and received
the mask on the inside, on the outside
the screen hoisted to separate worlds
while the mystery is hidden
in the narrow ravines of flesh,
of subtle warnings and a warm voice

Translated from the Italian by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Saverio Bafaro is an Italian poet born in Cosenza, Calabria, and educated in Rome. He works as a psychologist and edits the poetry magazine called Capoverso. His collections of poetry include Poems for My Mother (2007), Choral Eros (2011, as an e-book), and Poems of Terror (2014). His poems have been anthologised on many occasions, and translated into Spanish, French, Arabic, Romanian and Greek. This is the first publication of his poetry in English translation.

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