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Issue Six




You bore the holocaust with you,
Swift as a passing electric train.

Your great crown of hair still stands
Resplendent, falling to both sides of you

Burnishing me in its golden balm.
A vision of fields lit by the twin

Pool of your eyes orbiting wildly
About me. There is the seat, Egyptian.

And the gentle tug of the magnetic pull
Of our bodies, which grounds us to the earth

So that we can let go of linguistics,
And all other signs. Both of us are thwarted,

This is what further unites us. That, and
The train blast; its utter violence.

Peter O'Neill is from Dublin, Ireland, where he teaches English. He is the author of six collections of poetry, including The Elm Tree (2014), The Enemy – Transversions from Baudelaire (2015) and Sker (2016) all published by Lapwing.

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