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Issue Six



The Air Screen

Archers of fire
fling words
over the walls of sleep.
The cadence of light has
a special moment;
your fingers:
dragonflies of shadow
upon the quivering lips.

Resting on a Shadowy Pillow

They shift along the stretched-out hands,
these grains of sand and palm blossoms;
the light of the desert preserves the night,
and water caravans are songs
of the oasis. The world flows in the dancer's
invisible tears, in the languor
of the body that awaits the torment
in the tent. The dream lies asleep
in the buried city;
the wound
is a distant gallop of camels.

Invisible Touch

The theatre of the mind
located in the unknown;
the mirage is the gold of the cedars.
The garland wasp
chases the athlete
without evading networks
of drama.
In the desert, the man revisits
shadowy oaks,
seemingly whitened,
as well as seaweed bundles
and hippocampal crusts.

Maria Teresa Liuzzo is from Calabria, Italy. She was born in Saline di Montebello Jonico, and now lives in Reggio Calabria, the city where she studied at the local university. 1970 was the year of the first magazine publcation of her poetry. Her collections of poetry are the following:  Roots (1992), Psyche (1993), Apeiron (1995), Humanity (1996), Euthanasia d'Utopia (1997), Autopsy of an Image (1999), and The Slow Pulsating of Water (2001). Her poems have been widely anthologised and translated into other  European languages. A bilingual English/Italian edition entitled Genesis and containing translations of her poems made by the English poet Peter Russell has been published in 1997.

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