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Issue Six



And I heard the voice of many waters

Does the ocean, vast and blue,
swallow the river?

Does the mighty river drown
the mountain stream?

Does the mountain laugh
at all the tears falling
from the clouds?

The ocean restores the sky.

My flesh is water,
   my heart, rain.

John C. Mannone is a retired physics professor living between Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has work in Adanna Literary Journal, Anacua Literary Arts Journal, Acentos
Review, Artemis Journal, Poetry South, Red Coyote, Blue Fifth Review, Baltimore Review, etc. His third collection, Flux Lines, is forthcoming from Linnet's Wings Press in 2020. He edits poetry for Abyss & Apex and other journals. He won the Jean Ritchie Fellowship (2017) in Appalachian literature.

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