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Issue Six




For Cathie

That failing,
falling away, diminishing,
bled into the ground.
Bones as signal flares,
phosphorescent in the gloom.
Fur, roughed into vigil,
grieving for the light of day.
Life gone from where once
it burned, hot and white.
Now a recollection in the rain
of a wild thing,
missed in the sum
of what pours through
our veins.
Where pain took the place of purpose.
Where magic grew grey
and fell from flight,
featherless and futile.
Rivers and reservoirs
all run dry,
despite a flood of sky.
Where are the spells?
Ribs want to rise, but
no incantation appears on
your tongue,
a blank against your lips.
An absence in your throat
that puzzles you into
A fox's skittered song
into deaf earth.
This soil littered with
a melody
of sharp teeth.
of all that is,
into was.

Death is a triumph
of forgetting
how to run.

Laura Lundgren Smith lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and daughter. Her plays Sending Down the Sparrows, The Shape of the Grave, Digging Up the Boys and Dark Road are available from Playscripts. Her poetry has been included in two anthologies from Salmon Publishing: Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology and Even the Daybreak: 35 Years of Salmon Poetry.

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