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Issue Six



The Base Powders of Life

Trappings of impermanence were barred entry here
empties rolled off the round table
loose leaves corralled at the bottom of fences;
in window recess the heart has shucked
off memes of personality
the tics of taste and stereotypes of gesture

Map or diagram—egad, it's your body, man—a bonafide existence
a hum intensified to high sonic linearity
light spiking, becoming a white horizon line
a rainbow of primary colours and a patchwork of key codes
how hard should one slap the sides of one's face
wake up and put back on your baby eyes
because it is not just nothing, just the same old, just the land
to blank screen, blasted off
immaterial, for there is much blowing outwards
and woozy smear in foreground. Broken from their shapes,
no shapes, outlines of generalized non-figures
the answer to the yes or no question lost by love-distracted courier
that is, citations to a vanished appendix
a line of four elements chalked on bark.

Everything, what was and what is
reduced to the four pillars
the breeze generated by airflow of open windows
the non-event of match in sudsy sink
the earth that is thumped upon
with flats of hands and backs of frolicking heads

Josh Massey is from western Canada. A poet, fiction writer, journalist and college instructor,  he studied English at McGill University. His work has been published in The Capilano Review, subTerrain, Rampike, Event, Filling Station, The Tyee, The Minnesota Review, Open Book Toronto, etc. His two published novels are We Will All Be Trees (Conundrum, 2009) and The Plotline Bomber of Innisfree (Book*Hug, 2015).

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