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Issue Six




I don't long for it
in bed     my husband's
chiseled chin     his throat
an accordion

eyes open     I don't summon
its unrequired symmetry
high tides     and retreating

my flesh     flotsam   
conspiring to become
the full moon

           a frantic
shore collecting
worries like amber

Edytta Wojnar was born and raised in Poland, and now lives with her husband in northern New Jersey. She teaches at William Paterson University, where she is currently pursuing an MFA degree. She is the author of two chapbooks published by Finishing Line Press: Stories Her Hands Tell (2013) and Here and There (2014). Her poems have appeared in Paterson Literary Review, Narrative Northeast, Edison Literary Review, Shot Glass Journal, and WritersResist, among others, and her autobiographical short story was published in Cagibi.

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