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Issue Six



China Train

The deeper you go into mainland China
the older your train becomes.

People become friendlier
but more difficult to understand.

They're no longer citizens. Chromatic
notes are left on your window.

You require less tea. A puff of steam
breaks into a heart.

Your hat becomes an upside-down funnel.
Heaven is getting wet.

Everything Is Broken Somehow

The windows of an office building flash
on and off with sunlight
thrown by passing trucks.
The birds fly noiseless through
sparkling foyers in the trees.

I can walk wherever I like
and find things that I lost.
Signs absorb their words.
An apple on a chair
and an old-time telephone
with gold numbers flash
unheard messages.

A closetful of shoes
loudly take the stairs,
like echoes of voices
I will never hear again,
like a photo of surprised applause.

Donald Zirilli is from New Jersey. He was editor of Now Culture and is a member of the Red Wheelbarrow Gang. His poetry was published in The 2River View, Anti-poetry magazine, ART TIMES, Nerve Lantern, River Styx, etc. His first chapbook, Heaven's Not for You, was published by Kelsay Books in September 2018.

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