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Issue Six



Thus Spake the Hare

The Hare sees you, though you see nothing.
The Leporine Gaze is a black hole, for it takes sight
away; it unsees.
The rabbit hops, but the Earth falls from underneath the
Hare; the Hare pushes and remains fixed in
The Hare sees you, though you are miles away from
yourself, fathoms deep.
The whole lonesome desert is the Hare's eye,
concentrating on your image.
The Hare cares not for carrots; it chews on the cud of
you; it drinks from the sea you drown in.
The Hare rebuilds you from a skeleton and ranks you in
its army; madness infects your soul and still the Hare
restores you.
The Hare bounds down endless scrub-trails with you in
tow, and the Earth turns under your steps.
The miasma dispelled from your lungs, the apoplectic
rage that leaps from your heart, the epilepsy catching
and throwing inside of you is but naught in the Hare's
The Hare leads you down two paths, and you follow all

Entropy is undone; mountains sit on their snowy peaks;
nothing is invisible everything.
The Hare is not a rabbit; the Hare sees you.

Coleman Dues is a student in the Creative Writing MFA program at the New School, located in New York, New York. This is the first publication of his poetry.

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