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Issue Six



A Hole

One day my past turned
into a hole in my breast
I covered it with my hand
The hole got bigger
I blocked it with a dish towel
It didn't help, the hole was still growing
I stuck a frying pan inside it
A book
Another book
A red-blooming geranium
A cat
A chair
A window and a door
A wall and a ceiling
A man who's just said something to me
And then I fell into it myself

It's hard to explain in a few words how this all ended
I would just say that all of us
Including the cat and the geranium
Lived happily ever after and died on the same day

Translated from the Ukrainian by Julia Musakowska

Anna Chromova was born in Kyiv in 1982. After graduating from Kyiv Politechnical University, she worked as an editor. In 2008, she moved to Israel with her husband and has since been living in Netaniya. In Ukraine, she has published a few children's books. Her poems appeared in the leading Ukrainian magazines and have been anthologised on a number of occasions. She won the Neosphera Poetry Prize in 2006 and the Urban Crossroads Poetry Award in 2015. English translations of some of her poems appeared in The Frontier, an anthology of contemporary Ukrainian poetry in English translation (Glagoslav Publications, 2017).

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