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Issue Six




We lay in fields of broken Spanish guitars.
My love painted grapes purple and fed them
to herself. She was the industrious one.
She used to wave a flashlight at the stars
on off off, so a Martian with rhythm
might take her up on a waltz to the sun.
We'd sit and feel our pocket watches run
through brilliant suicide-yellow landscapes.
We watched as black-and-white rehearsed. We ripped sheets
and re-sewed the halves reversed. We were none
of us, grown to hide art deco shapes
of poverty from our neighbors' parakeets.
And the wheel's invented: under blue pleats
the V of my lover's legs is propped open
by a Mr. L. Bloom, just arrived stateside.
Ten years later steel pennies littered the streets.
Like trained skin on a grenade with no pin
1934 felt no pain inside.

Andrew Singer is a writer, editor and visual artist residing in Manhattan, N.Y.C. He directs Trafika Europe (, showcasing new literature in English translation from the 47 Council of Europe countries. With an MA in Writing Poetry from Boston University, he has taught Creative Writing and Literary Translation on the faculty at Penn State University, at Bowery Poetry Club in NYC, and across Europe variously. His poetry and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in such publications such as World Literature Today, Fulcrum, Levure littéraire, Open Letters Monthly, etc.

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