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Issue Five




I am looking for hope,
the taste of some kind of music,
hoping for the scent of release.
The fly buzzing
at the closed window
to the roundabout rhythm of your cracked voice,
that stop-go sound of things starting
and finishing.
I've heard it before.
Dusty black and crackling,
and old.
It throbs
all the way back to primaeval stumps
rotting down into the future.
It's a can't touch,
only feel
of things beginning
to shake themselves
ready to soar
or crumble.

J. S. Watts is from England. Her poetry and short stories appear in Acumen, Mslexia and Popshot. Her poetry collections, Cats and Other Myths, and Years Ago You Coloured Me, and her poetry pamphlet, Songs of Steelyard Sue, have been brought out by Lapwing Publications. She has been poetry reviews editor for Open Wide Magazine and poetry editor for Ethereal Tales.

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