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Issue Five




You're simple

A chalice
that engulfs light,
silence, the wet dawn

A bell'
of awakening

In the afternoon, you open your palm
take a bow
the wind will blow your life away

A Pink Baby 

I've seen a pink baby
all smiles
and fat folds;
eyes, two shiny
torrent pebbles;
two sprouted seedling;
sitting like a Buddha:
round skull
and crossed legs
it was voicing
an incomprehensible song
an aquatic sound
newborn fish make

White Sky

White sky
what's the use of you
if we can't fly?
The look
searches for an answer
where there isn't one
White sky
Round sky
split by antennae
blackened by chimneys
You are no longer unique
You're dotted
with motley light spots
The stars are your eyes
White sky
and they will remain
the winds' scalps

Translated from Italian by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Guia Risari was born in Milan. She graduated from Milan University in philosophy, and later lectured in modern Jewish studies and migrant literatures in the UK and France. She has published five novels, several books of essays, and two collections of her poetry, as well as two books of Surrealist flash fiction, short short stories, micropoems and aphorisms, Il pescespada e la serratura (The Swordfish and the Lock, 2007) and  L'alfabeto dimezzato (A Half-Alphabet, 2007).


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