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Issue Four




When a sun lily blossoms
amid swampy clouds
and the celestial bed is made up
and strewn with powdered sugar,
with the Turkish delight of premonitions,
a divertissement of disappointment
grows from the depth of summer
into autumn, and cold wise salt exudes,
in a foam-like way, through the pale-lit screen
as a hesitant dope. It all ends up in
cold turkey, in the shakes
of our communal century, the twenty-first...

The Past

Only in your
can one see
the flame
of a bonfire
bitten to death
by the rain.


A double-humped camel –
his Yes and No go away;
now we can hear a snake's
hiss: Why?

Translated from Russian by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Alexander Korotko is a Russian-language Ukrainian poet from Kyiv. Born in Korosten, Ukraine, he studied economics at Odessa University. His first collection, Window, was published in 1989. Since then he has published more than twenty books of his poetry.

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