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An international online magazine that publishes Surrealist poetry in English.

Issue Four



JohnHarold, Dog Breeder, 10

I am a portmanteau the way
my mother is an embezzless.

4-H clubs, kennel plaques.
One Malalab for every

Cockaraner, chromosomes
to cash our checks.

With Dalmadoodle we pose.
Mother as meek bookkeeper,

me: intrepid and Rex.
The muzzle on a markup

Alpo to an accountant,
what heads for hybridity net.

Each seaboard a dye job—
we set dewclaws on one

tinting the other.
In kibble we dabble.

Mother gets her Miata,
a nose I splice. Pedigreed,

not your Mastidor's
report-card word.

Confessions of a Wunderkind Plumbing Magnate

Show me valve genius
I'll give you rotten macramé,
a TED Talk netting the two-ply,

clogs far-flung. Not that celebrity's
a scuttle, but my mother was Miss America,
49th runner-up. I'm a Roto-Rooter, then

a voter casting opinions on a drainpipe
asking how you de-mildew ennui.
Of all the moguldoms—

the tween in photovoltaics,
the CEO selling water
a Sweden-flag blue—

my talent lay in tanks,
prodigy cognizant
of a bidet debut.

Sensational isn't sewage,
but there's a brass underbody
for every Carnegie Hall,

a requiem in an aquarium,
what worthwhile
made well-rounded.

Wrench hindrance,
the disposal
I'm shown.

Fisher-Price: My First Cult Deprogrammer

Doomsday pays my allowance.
The millennium, a guru reneged.
I do unscrambling on indecisives.
Extirpation, all in a belief's work.

Gurus reneged on the millennium—
discipleship never goes as planned.
All this work, extirpating a belief. I
play with Hello Kitty, followers' heads.

Religion never goes as planned,
the wayward covered in magazines.
With head followers, the hell-kit.
Combustion leads to messiahs,

magazines covering the wayward.
I unscramble indecisives, those afraid
messiahs combust as leads. Reti-
cence, the doom allowed per day.

Jon Riccio is a PhD candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Writers where he serves as an associate editor at Mississippi Review. Recent work appears in print or online at The Cincinnati Review, COAST | NoCOAST, The Ekphrastic Review, E-ratio, and Pouch, among others. The poetry editor at Fairy Tale Review, he received his MFA from the University of Arizona.

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