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Issue Four



The Sessions

Of the columned clouds,
the simplest plays hospital
behind the window
and the cards. They make me name
the hospitals on them;
they ask is this church,
mosque or synagogue?
Is this strawberry, radish, or
artichoke? I name them.

I play like the names
are serious, sometimes so well
that I forget they aren't,
like when a cloud's so long
you can't see behind it,
and, briefly, it seems
to be the whole hospital,
till bluely, from behind,
the true hospital shows.

Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler is a poet and translator from New Hampshire. His work has appeared in journals including the Peacock Journal, Trafika Europe, and Two Lines. He has also published his translation of Mesopotamia, a novel by the Ukrainian poet and fiction writer Serhiy Zhadan (Yale University Press, 2018).

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