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Issue Four



The Island

My bones are an island
and only you have
the map to its treasure and bushes.
Only you know the birds
that tumble out of my winds,
the alphabets of my midnights.
Only you enter the huts
that grow from my heart,
the palm trees that rise
from gardens of fire.
Only you can answer the riddles
the moon scribbles
with her finger on my spine
and ride bareback to my shores
lending your breaths
to lost refugees whose mouths,
now, are filled with stars.

Eva Skrande was born in Havana, Cuba, and later immigrated to Florida with her family. A graduate of the University of Iowa's Writers Workshop (MFA) and the University of Houston's Creative Writing Program (Ph.D), she has poems in the recent issues of Agni, The Cortland Review, Thimble Magazine, Visions International, etc. Her book, My Mother's Cuba, was published as part of the River City Poetry Series. She lives and teaches creative writing in Houston, Texas.

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