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Issue Four



Magnus in Hildaland

Beheading is for the looting smug.
Lifolf, pal, strike me on the head.
I know it's on Hakon's behalf.

I would've taken pilgrimage,
poked-out eyes, mutilation, exile,
no. Dragonlike, I should be slain.

I kneel before you, go ahead.
I will heal William the Old
and spark in consecrated fire.

A bank of fog envelops my skull.
The scar disappears. Miss Flake
is my interpreter. She used to be a fin-

wife's black cat, now she's the slimy
Messenger of Hidden Land. Decorated,
promoted, her sheen comes from

ground-up pearls. She flounces
against my chest. The might of Teran
whips the seas up into boiling froth.

Agnes Marton is a Hungarian-born poet, writer, librettist, Reviews Editor of The Ofi Press, and the founding member of Phoneme Media (USA). Recent publications include her collection Captain Fly's Bucket List and four chapbooks with Moria Books (USA). She is based in Luxembourg.

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