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Issue Three



The Woman Who Lived in a Safe

You practice your dry breathing
living without candles
writing without your letters overlapping
giving yourself away.

The telephone has been disconnected for weeks
and your hair has become confused
like a climbing plant
without the beg of light.

Your square world ticks
as one side of the room dissolves
and it's like letting in the sea,
a blood transfusion,
a gold rush
a glitter bomb.

You are naked outside your dream
unweaned and hungry,
desperate for the way back in
for the impossible softness of a dove,
the colours inside a watermelon.
For something to coat your shadow
to see you through the next drought
for food to push back into the silent hole in your face.

Winston Plowes lives aboard a floating home in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England. He teaches creative writing to students and groups from year 1 to university level and was Poet in Residence for The Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2012-14 and 17. His collection of surrealist poetry, Telephones, Love Hearts & Jellyfish was published by Electric Press in 2016 and Tales from the Tachograph by Calder Valley Poetry in 2017.

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