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Issue Three



An Undated Centaurian Wish List

Positive dandelions and mutable thistles,
Masculine pinks and carnations,
Lime fires and hunted birch,
Silica from South Africa,
Optimistic cinnamon and tactless mulberry,
Kenyan starflowers,
Sheffield steel from Toledo,
Grapefruit topaz and kali celery,
Saudi Cologne water,
Jovial sage and careless Stuttgart oak,
Australian souvenirs from Avignon,
Aniseed balm and dock leaves,
Leek chestnuts from Budapest...
And offhand freedom here and now.

The Water Fire

See the water fire,
Blue white yellow orange red,
It creates itself from nothing:
Alive it burn-flows and alive it flow-burns.

With dry wet wave-flames
And wet dry flame-waves
The water fire preserves itself:
It is a continuous affair.

The water fire is a legendary part of time,
Part of dreams passing through time
And of time passing through dreams:
It is eternal.

Yes, the water fire is eternal,
Immune from any dearth of reality,
But perhaps it will destroy itself
When five or more years pass.

Tim Murphy is from Cork, Ireland. His poetry has appeared in several journals, including Acorn, Bones, Chrysanthemum, Otata, Presence, Shamrock and Sonic Boom. He lives in Madrid, Spain.

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