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Issue Three



Courtyard Poem

Porch dawn, the roots of shapes
Made mutual. There's no one to
Point east anymore. What cannot
Be separated, what gives itself
Completely to perception, the gray
Muck that follows heat, and when
The time comes to leave we can
Say we have named a whole identity.
Give me that dense key without
Incident. A bus has picked me up
And left me off blind. The breast
Is a decision, oh mon cher, I give you
A live tree with its music twisting,
Then I think you were torn away.


A genus of brown, like bird teeth,
Like a tiny array of helplessnesses.
Time is a shape. Time is a shape.
Too menacing to mention, I have
Shut all the doors, and yet. A hypothetical
Quarter makes us pause. I understand
These words, child, sun, pen,
And I don't know where the ladder
Is denied. It is the absence of scene,
The fruit rabid and going to waste.
If I speak in tongues, it's so you'll understand.

Poem for my 48th Year

Watch it dissolve, this earth that blooms.
I can remember the words to that song,
I can take up "space" like a version of the
Same field we walked on, in the crush
Of weeds. I give you back your energy,
And I take mine, and now the design
Has been completed. What else can I
Do but write these clean lines, lit from
Without. No argument, these roses
Most articulated in this town, the light
Streaming like a bastard with a chemical
Snow as each minute collapses. Live
Sparks that acclimate to this new weather,
The human sunlight like the varnish on a hand.

Noelle Kocot is from Brooklyn, New York, and currently resides in New Jersey. She is has published seven collections of poetry, including Phantom Pains of Madness (Wave Books, May 2016), Soul in Space (Wave Books, 2013), The Bigger World (Wave Books, 2011), and a book of translations from the poems by Tristan Corbière, Poet by Default (Wave Books, 2011).  Noelle Kocot teaches at The New School and lives in New Jersey. She is the recipient of awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Academy of American Poets, The Fund for Poetry and the American Poetry Review. She is the current Poet Laureate of Pemberton Borough, New Jersey.

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