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Issue Three



The World, Exposed

Love is a monkey's vigour.
The donkey's saintly eyes smeared by the view;
the quiet of the reservoirs, rusting.

The wind grinds the grass, the evening has
a shiny ultraviolet cup, a radiant latitude.

The sea and the afternoons are
the casing of a cicada nymph.

Give me the proof of your joy
inside the day's carcass,
which is Rhodes, as it is light. Light...

Mosses Pave the Way for Spring

It was dark that evening—darkness being
rather sluggish and tranquil—and from it emerged
an old woman wearing a shawl and a long
black skirt. She said, if you want to save
your little girl, let her fast
days and nights; you can only
speak of the distance
between here and Paradise.
All that's left of the woman is the slip of the tongue
between my daughter and my life.

Translated from the Italian by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Maria Grazia Calandrone is an Italian poet, educator and radio presenter from Rome. She has published nine collections of her poems, the latest being Morally Sound (2017), as well as two books of prose. Her poems also appeared in New Italian Poets 6 and Poets of the Year anthologies. She was the recepient of the Giuseppe Pisano Poetry Award (2013).

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